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Van Buren Point is a unique experience affording tranquility and serenity within a private community amidst beautiful natural surroundings.  This is attested to by the fact that its summer residents return year after year; many who came first as renters were so attracted that they have subsequently become property owners.  Primarily, Van Buren Point is a family resort and its uniqueness rests largely in the relaxed and safe environment for children.

VBP Craft and Activity Program ~ Summer 2014

Now Hiring Youth Program Activity Assistants


First Assistant (M - F mornings)

Duties and expectations:

   -Must be 16 or have working papers

   -Fulfill the weekday hourly commitment from 9:45 am - 11:45 am

   -Enjoy working with children and be enthusiastic

   -Assist the recreation director in all activities


Second Assistant (2 mornings and Wednesday evenings)

(same duties and expectations as above)


Please email Kristen Marshall at ktenmars@gmail.com if you are interested in applying.


2014 Occupancy/Bed Tax Application
Lakes and Waterways Version



At the Annual Meeting on July 6th, Joe Hilger described our grant requests for the planned upgrad of the water discharge and the present screen grate filter system and he spoke of the need to contact the County Legislators. You can view it here. He has written a suggested letter to appeal for assistance in approving the Van Buren Point Grant. Here is an Adobe pdf format and here is a Microsoft Word doc format so you may choose which to use in writing a letter to contact each Legislator. For your convenience, Joe has included a list of the 25 Legislators and their mailing and e-mail addresses.

We need your Help.
Please forward this to the Legislators.
They meet in August to vote on the grants!!!!

Special Notice


1) Materials located at the entrance area and the chippings at the recycling area are for the "exclusive use" of the VBP maintenance (unless signage posted states otherwise). Last year road milings housed there were taken and just recently (after dark) someone helped themselves to a quantity of soil. The soil housed there is used to fill in low spots around the point and/or to repair damage caused by plowing so we need the material. It is not proper or fair for individuals to help themselves to materials that the entire membership has paid for.


2) Over the years persons have taken on the responsibility of sprucing up different areas of the point. The flower gardens, community center and the new pavillon are just a few. The problem comes in where people have used beach stones to outline their work and the stones are adjacent to the mowing areas. The stones are constantly falling or get moved into the mowing area and ocassionally are not seen or noticed until the mower blades strike them. Once struck they become dangerous projectiles which cause damage to the mower, structures (windows), nearby vehicles and most importantly individuals. Tom is requesting that this practice cease as we are placing ourselves in jeporady for litigation, especially for the persons who placed the stones there initially.


3) Please be aware and cautious when you are around maintenance persons who are doing their work. We don't have eyes behind our heads so we can't see you sneaking up from behind us while we are on the tractors. We would strongly encourage you to be cautious around us while we are mowing or weed trimming as objects may be thrown from the machines. We try to be as observant as possible and cease what we are doing until you safely pass but some are too impatient and we don't have a chance to stop.


Thanks for your understanding and assistance.


Tom, Bruce and Bill

Don't Forget

Association Dues paid before March 1st are without penalty
Beginning March 2 and every month thereafter a $25.00 late fee
will be assessed for delinquent dues
Summer users $550.00                 Winter users $625.00
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Do you enjoy photos of Point activities?

Gary Braunscheidel has made photos from the
Pavlot Dances available at this link


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See the wonderful page created by
Alex Pavlot
with its many photos and interesting comments on The Wall.

Updated 02/13/2014



Area Attractions

Festivals Fredonia

Chautauqua County

Buffalo Niagara
Convention &
Visitors Bureau


Cottage Rental Information

A listing of cottages available for rent in Van Buren Point.
Want to list your cottage?
Contact the VBP Webmaster.

Contact info for person
who will pick up metal:
George Hegner
C (716) 410-1377
H (716) 679-9817

Summary of
Chautauqua County
Occupancy Tax Rules


Amnesty Program Announced

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