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Van Buren Point is a unique experience affording tranquility and serenity within a private community amidst beautiful natural surroundings.  This is attested to by the fact that its summer residents return year after year; many who came first as renters were so attracted that they have subsequently become property owners.  Primarily, Van Buren Point is a family resort and its uniqueness rests largely in the relaxed and safe environment for children.

Snow Loads on Roofs



Just a heads up for those who have cottages with low roof slopes. We probably had about 2 1/2- 3 feet of snow from Monday thru Thursday this week. On cottages with minor roof slopes this puts a lot of weight on the structure. The real problem is forthcoming as we are expected to get rain and warming Saturday thru Tuesday which will add additional weight. Marie and I have gone around the point at least two times to look for potential problems. I just called one owner who has a significant snow load and he is going to call a family member in the area to check it out.

I will be heading to Rochester this Saturday for the winter and won't be back for several weeks. Tom Lesch (VBP's winter patrol person) will be on the lookout for problems and will notify owners if he finds any.

--Bruce Barclay

More Photos from Bruce Barclay
Jeffries Cottage on Cottage Street & trying to clean off the snow - 11/20 Noon



Just a little of more to come - 11/18



State Police Periodic Check



For anyone who desires the NYS State Police to periodically check your property during the off season at the point, you need to do the following yearly. Send a letter to:

Major's Office
NYS State Police
4525 West Saile
Batavia NY. 14020

The letter needs to include the following:

Location of property
How long you'd like the check to last
Others allowed on your property (i.e lawn people, contractor's)
Emergency contact info

This is a yearly deal so you need to do the letter each fall or whenever.

Spokes For Folks




This is a picture of the majority of the volunteers who work at Spokes For Folks. Today I took an additional 8 bikes that were recently donated. To date VBP has donated 105 bikes over the past two summers. Well done neighbors and keep up the generosity. Bikes and bike parts may be dropped off at the barn anytime from April thru early November.

VBP's Old John Deere Tractor




VBP's old John Deere leaving the Point for it's new home near Butler, PA. The tractor was loaded onto the trailer Sunday 9/7/14. The operator pictured is the new owner and he plans on refurbishing the tractor with his young son over the years to come.

Job Description for

Summer 2015 Recreation Director
Van Buren Point Women’s Club Youth Program



The Van Buren Point Women's Club is seeking a Recreation Director to

lead the youth program next summer.

Interested candidates should send a resume, references, and cover letter

to vanburenpointwc@gmail.com.

The deadline is September 30, 2014.


Job Purpose: The Recreation Director is a part-time, salaried position responsible for developing and implementing activities for the youth of Van Buren Point, NY.


Reports To: Women’s Club Youth Program Coordinator



  • Maintain a safe, supportive environment at all times
  • Be kind and gentle to all the children
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Plan, prepare and carry out fun, entertaining morning and evening activities for the youth of VBP
  • Ensure that a variety of activities are planned and available for both morning and evening so that youth are actively engaged
  • Communicate with youth to determine their interests especially for evening activities
  • Set up and clean up daily keeping supplies organized throughout the season
  • Publicize morning and evening activities to ensure that youth are aware of what’s available (use flyers and post bulletin board announcements)
  • Solicit and encourage volunteers, parents and summer residents’ participation in program activities (maintain sign-up sheets and ask for support)
  • Inventory supplies weekly for planning
  • Maintain a budget of $350 and purchase needed materials
  • Supervise and direct helpers and volunteers
  • Record names, address and phone numbers of all children attending each activity in designated notebook
  • Have each child’s parent/guardian complete and sign waiver before participating in the activities
  • Help with July 4th activites for 4 hours (8am to 12pm)
  • Collect activity fee from children in the mornings and pop money in the evenings. Take money home in secure container. When the amount reaches $25, give to VBP Treasurer.
  • Supervise and lead morning and evening activities
  • Contact coordinator to arrange for substitute when needed
  • Remain patient and calm in challenging and demanding situations
  • Resolve conflicts positively
  • Attend meetings with Program Coordinator at the beginning and end of season (outside of work hours) and as needed during the season
  • Provide Program Coordinator with a written inventory of supplies and equipment at the end of the season


  • 18 years of age
  • be honest, trustworthy and respectful
  • be flexible, dependable and punctual
  • posses a passion for working with children and youth
  • be comfortable and cooperative interacting with parents
  • hold relevant clearances and training for working with children in the state of NY
  • posses an interest in and passion for creativity and innovation

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Security Concerns


Please be aware that there was an incident on orchard where several teens tried to break into a storage shed. The boys were relatives of residents on Orchard and the police were called as a result. Additionally, to the east of the bay they have been reports of drug activity and individuals have come onto point property for no good and police were called to investigate. Also, someone or more stole a swing from the gazebo park and vandalized the yellow swing set in that park.

Please keep an eye out and don't hesitate to call 911 when there are no VBP security available.


About Portland Data Collection



For those who may not know: The town of Portland is undertaking data collection to bring information about all parcels within Portland up to date. The hope is that more accurate information about properties in the town will be collected and serve as a base for property assessments. Various people who could do so have been attending the town council meetings to learn about this process over the past couple of years, but especially last summer. There will be a meeting at the Community Center on July 26 at 10 am with the representatives from the firm that has been hired to do the data collection. Then, later on August 13th, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, the town council will hold it's regular meeting at the Community Center.

Information about the Town of Portland's data collection plan has been complied by the Town of Portland Concerned Citizens -- a group of people who have been following the plan as it has been unfolding -- and can be accessed at http://toperc.weebly.com/.

Hopefully you will be able to read the documents they have prepared before the upcoming meetings. The last meeting attended by some of our residents was productive.. Hopefully we can keep that tone in the upcoming meetings. We think think our participation over time has helped the board postpone a reval and opt first for data collection and review of that data before addition action is taken. If you are able, please plan to attend the meeting on 7/26.


Updated By-Laws



The Van Buren Point Association, Inc. By-Laws, updated to reflect revisions made by the membership on August 31, 2013, are available here.


2015 Occupancy Tax Grant Application Filed



Joe Hilger reports that the application for the 2015 Chautauqua County Occupancy Tax grant has been filed. To provide a better understanding of where the funding has gone, he has provided a 10 year History of the tax funding which was taken from reports prepared by the Department of Finance. The Director of Finance received a copy of these documents including the comments.

Summer 2014 News from the Women's Association


Summer is coming! Monica Graham announces activity plans for this Summer in the annual letter from the President of the Women's Association. The Women's Association has also released the detailed 2014 Events Calendar (updated May 19) and a flyer about Book Talks at the Pavillion that are planned for this Summer.

Special Notice


1) Materials located at the entrance area and the chippings at the recycling area are for the "exclusive use" of the VBP maintenance (unless signage posted states otherwise). Last year road milings housed there were taken and just recently (after dark) someone helped themselves to a quantity of soil. The soil housed there is used to fill in low spots around the point and/or to repair damage caused by plowing so we need the material. It is not proper or fair for individuals to help themselves to materials that the entire membership has paid for.


2) Over the years persons have taken on the responsibility of sprucing up different areas of the point. The flower gardens, community center and the new pavillon are just a few. The problem comes in where people have used beach stones to outline their work and the stones are adjacent to the mowing areas. The stones are constantly falling or get moved into the mowing area and ocassionally are not seen or noticed until the mower blades strike them. Once struck they become dangerous projectiles which cause damage to the mower, structures (windows), nearby vehicles and most importantly individuals. Tom is requesting that this practice cease as we are placing ourselves in jeporady for litigation, especially for the persons who placed the stones there initially.


3) Please be aware and cautious when you are around maintenance persons who are doing their work. We don't have eyes behind our heads so we can't see you sneaking up from behind us while we are on the tractors. We would strongly encourage you to be cautious around us while we are mowing or weed trimming as objects may be thrown from the machines. We try to be as observant as possible and cease what we are doing until you safely pass but some are too impatient and we don't have a chance to stop.


Thanks for your understanding and assistance.


Tom, Bruce and Bill

Don't Forget

Association Dues paid before March 1st are without penalty
Beginning March 2 and every month thereafter a $25.00 late fee
will be assessed for delinquent dues
Summer users $550.00                 Winter users $625.00
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